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Oh, hello there. 

My name is Gonzalo.


I'm the owner and director of The Merri Studio.


I have over ten years of videography, photography, and content creation experience.

I still vividly remember my first photo gig. I was fresh out of Uni, living in Brisbane, way back in 2005. Working for a small company, I would attend events and photograph groups and couples. Being the days of film, I would drive back to the lab, have the film developed, then return to the event the same night and sell the prints as party-goers exited. While it was a tough gig and the commission was meagre, it was a fun weekend job, which served as a learning experience.


It may not surprise you to learn that I am passionate about the art and craft of photography and filmmaking. You will find me frequently attending the cinemas to watch the latest Hollywood movie and indie film. Though I'll happily enjoy Netflix and HBO any night of the week. I'm also really into 'the gear': the cameras, lenses, and tools of the trade, all the things needed to get that gorgeous shot. 

This is a solo studio. Unlike some of the larger service providers out there, I do it all - no outsourcing here. Every now and then, I take on some big jobs - only then do I enlist the help of other trusted professionals.

I handle the email and phone line. On the day of your wedding, I'm out there behind the camera. Afterwards, I'm in the studio doing the editing, crafting you what I know will be a beautiful wedding photo gallery or video. I even built this website.

Okay, about the name. So, I live next to this place called the 'Merri Creek'. The name also reminds me of 'merriment', people having fun and an enjoyable time together. And that's what I aim to do on every shoot, capture the love, fun and joy.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to hear from you soon :) 

- Gonzalo

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